I’m Bearshaman and my dream is to read and write forever.

I really don’t like these bio things because I’m uncomfortable with self-encapsulation. Oh well, at least I don’t have to Bob Dole this one into the third person or something.

My writing goes all over the place, from humor to horror to poetry. Occasionally I do review things.

Nothing gets me higher than finding that place where the words form on their own. However, I’d say hunting down old video games in thrift stores is a close second and long walks down heroin-needle-ridden beaches an uncomfortably close third.

I am big on reading, and always looking for new stuff. As favorites go, I’d say I’m currently stuck on Raymond Chandler’s first two books and Nicholson Baker’s The Mezzanine.

As far as experience goes, I’ve worked as an editor at The Suisun Valley Review and an editorial assistant at World Trade Press. But truthfully, most of my working life has been spent behind a front counter or a steering wheel. I did about half a decade of graveyard shift work and a few years more than that delivering pizza. My experiences color my writing.

As far as publishing goes, I won The Reporter’s Spooky Story Contest in 2013, and received The Quinton Duval Award in Creative Writing from The Suisun Valley Review in 2014. But truthfully, I’ve sent out plenty of stuff that got a bland form-response no.

As far as education goes, I have an associate’s degree in Electronics and Computer Repair. And it’s useless. Most of my learning is autodidactic. Oh, and I’m working on an English degree right now. I guess I really like useless things.

As far as saying “as far as” goes, I think I’m done. Truthfully. Anyway, I like meeting new people and reading new writing and I hope this blog will allow me to meet people who like doing that sort of stuff too but back in my direction.



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