Some Rambling on Writing


You know that whole thing about writing every day and how everybody should do it?

I’m not sure I really agree with that. I mean, I’m sure it works for some people.

But I tend to think it’s more like muscle training: occasionally, you have to give it a rest. If you don’t, your muscles don’t recover properly and your progress doesn’t properly get saved.

Not to say that I wouldn’t love to be able to write something I could fall in love with every day of my life.

Another big factor in my experience is inspiration. If you don’t experience life, you can’t write about it. You can’t glean the glimmers if you never stumble upon them.

Not to mention there’s that whole being able to achieve a proper flow state thing. The key to unlocking a flow state at will seems to be squirreling itself into new hiding places around my brain each time I think I’ve got a firm grip on it.

In other news, I’m reading Redshirts right now and it’s hella good. My first Scalzi book.

Anyhow, done rambling.

Have a continually and increasingly groovy day!



  1. Everyone’s different. For me writing every day was important. I recorded, down to the minute, how much time I spent at it each day. I enjoyed tallying the weekly totals, and trying to break each month’s record in the subsequent month. I couldn’t stand logging a goose-egg, let alone two, in any given week. Pretty much every day, a writer should find the time to write. I stopped tracking the minutes after about eight years of this. I write every day. Every day.

  2. I have struggled with the expectation of writing everyday as what a writer should do. Perhaps, if I was making a living from it, it’d be in my best interest to continue the flow of supply. As one striving to simply create, it does me little good to write simply to fulfill a self-imposed expectation and not because I am inspired. I write enough fluff as it is, having a daily quota would only produce more. I do believe that one will cultivate themselves more with practice; “true ease in writing comes from art, not chance, as those move easiest who’ve learned to dance…” If one has the stamina to write daily, more power to them. That’s inspiration in itself.
    Someone once told me, ” it’s not about the money, it’s about making cool shit!” …that’s my approach at the moment. Ha!

    • Preach it, man! I can relate and relate and relate.

      So many authors have unique habits related to their writing–writuals, if you will. I think the astounding number of varying writuals means that what works for one person when it comes to writing will not necessarily work for another.

      It’s just interesting how often I see “write every day” being touted as a universal and even necessary writing habit.

      There are many paths through a darkening wood.

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