Tinnitus is the Worst of the Ear Pokemon Haiku

get out of my ear
you fuzzy little bastard
I never chose you


  1. Hey buddy, – this is just a quick FYI: if you received a note that I stopped “following” your blog and then began “following” it again. I did that on purpose the bring your name/blog to the top of the list in my “Check these poets out” bit, on my blog-site (I re-themed it, streamlined it a little bit). I hope all is groovy dude.

    • Hey man! Thanks for the heads-up! I was wondering how that happened.

      Super appreciate that and am very flattered! I’m going to rework the blog a bit and incorporate something similar myself once the semester is over. Two classes, my collecting/selling, and the release of Bloodborne is wreaking havoc on my life and I am neglecting too much everything. Also the bad stuff, but trying to focus on the positive.

      Hope all is well! You still coming to the reading next week?

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