Anger Leads To Hate. Hate Leads To This Blog Post (which is what Yoda really meant).

Reblogging this because it’s pretty damn good.

You've Been Jaded

So you know how in elementary school “Opposite Day” was totally a thing? Like if a boy said he hated you, you’d be all like “HA it’s Opposite Day so that means you actually love me!” Well that is kind of gonna be like this post. In the sense that this post is going to be very salty as I bring to you a list of things that piss me off. However, I am not currently salty about the fact that I recently reached 600 subscribers!

Okay, just so we’re clear on where we stand: This post is about things that I want to punch in the face. YOU are not one of those things (so thanks, my fist would hardly make it through punching one person, let alone all 600 of you….which I swear is my weird way of telling you how much I appreciate your continued presence). And…

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