To the Path Untrodden

Humanity is not ready for you.
Self-segregation of the right-
eous ugh—embarrassing. Be
in the mind but not of the mind.
Last call for humanity.
Any takers?

Board the train to your right—
just kidding. That one goes
to a place that hasn’t been
found yet, stopping at every
trembling and ersatz heart
along the way.

But the train to your left will
take you far. Simply point
in a direction and the mech-
anical beast will stall and nod
and update its coordinates
system and shoot off to your
anywhere. Even the stars.

But choose your direction
carefully. Ask someone wiser
than you, perhaps your future
self or maybe the other one
you idealize now that clambered
under the Mervyn’s clothing
racks, oblivious to the cries
and later roars of mean old
mama bear.

You must choose wisely,
though you cannot see far
enough to ever know what
lies ahead. Choose poorly,
and none will say no, save
your future self, with much
wailing and gnashing of teeth
at the unmistakable falsehoods
and damn damnable ignorance.

One day you will wake up
beside your self, your future
self, to see face and body
with their sunken everythings,
a hundred bowling balls falling
into a ruined mattress, and what
will you do?

No do-overs in this game,
man. This is the final three-
pointer shot and your team’s
behind by fifty with half
a second left on the clock.
Call a timeout. Ask a spiritual
counselor, yoga guru, or maybe
that one fuckwad on late
night who sells mystical holy
water shit. Call ’em all.

They know exactly how to get
twenty-six shots in just
point-five seconds to
the tune of a heavenly choir
singing the chorus of Handel’s
Messiah set to the word


1 Comment

  1. Just whatever you do, don’t stand paralyzed in the station, weighing the odds of one over the other, waiting and waiting until the doors close without you.

    I mean, have you ever tried living in a train station? The food’s terrible.

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