Dark Spirit Clive Cussler’s Author Photograph

The word “invader” can never not strike, like the shit-eating grin of Clive Cussler, a phantom shot to my kidneys. He lives behind the eyelids with a face recessed and wispy phosphorescent red, all dressed up for a nice Sunday brunch out in the Sahara with a cameraman, some old automobile I am too poor to recognize offhand, and Tim Curry from Legend.

Clive could scavenge Humanity from the bones of those that come back, but why would he, when he can pillage it from those he lays down? Time flows strangely at the Saharan Motorcar Exhibition and Brunch. Machines of old phase in and out. When your car quits on you at the base of a sand dune the stranger behind you pushes your vehicle up to the top with his own. He will not speak a word.

But sometimes, that stranger’s car is worth as much as a small house, and Clive Cussler’s inscrutable, shit-eating grin is behind the wheel. Then you’re fucked.


Another piece from a prompt that I cleaned up a bit. The exercise was to write about two unrelated things, one serious and one not-so-serious, then combine the two.



    • Hey man! Thanks for the comment! Things have been a bit crazy on this side and that has unfortunately resulted in my temporary neglecting of the blog.

      Clive is an author whose author photograph almost always features him grinning out loud while leaning back against some beautiful old car, the model of which I can only know for sure if it’s spelled out for me there under the author photo. Often in these pictures he’s hanging out in the middle of the desert, just him and the car and one frustrated cameradude. Clive’s books are every other book in the bins I root through, so I have built up a kind of odd resentment towards that grin. I have nothing against the man himself or his books or all that jazz–I’ve never even read anything by him–but these photos have become an increasingly commonplace and–since they are rarely ever worth anything monetarily–frustrating item in my life.

      I combined Clive with the invasion aspect of Dark Souls, which is truly one of the most terrifying experiences in gaming. I also threw in some co-op game references to balance the experience out. If you only ever played one game in your entire life, you could do worse than Dark Souls. It’s an amazing experience and I highly recommend it.

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