Fido and the Melancholy Gun Things

Fido       Roof Roof!

Aimee    Not Now, Fido! The goddamn Nazis are coming! Think you can hand me that grenade over there? Thanks. Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?

Fido       Roof ra roof ruff.

Aimee    I couldn’t hear you there over that last mortar shell. Oh the humanity!

Fido       Ruff.

Aimee    You say you picked up something while you were on shore leave over in the Sandwich Islands? Very cool. Like, a conch or something?

Fido       Ruff ruff.

Aimee    Rabies? Rabies? Oh shit, they’re manning the turrets now. Oh no, there goes Vin Diesel’s character.

Fido      Ruff.

Aimee   No way, xXx was his best work.

Fido      Ruff-ruff.

Aimee   I am being serious. It’s the pinnacle of absurdist filmmaking. You wanna fetch me that there bandolier, boy? Good boy! Good boy!

Fido      Ruff.

Aimee   Chronicles of Riddick? That was like xXx in space but with less explosions. C’mon.

Fido       Ruff ruff.

Aimee    Fine, I’ll take you to the vet first thing after this battle is over.

Fido       Ruff.

Aimee    You’re right, this re-enactment is kind of lame.

Based on a writing prompt where a historical situation was written on one side of an index card and passed to another person who wrote the names of two characters and a problem on the other side of the card then passed it to another person who incorporated both sides of the card into a play thing.

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